5 Signs That You Should Ditch Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Finding a good criminal defense attorney is the best way to improve your chances of winning your case and ensure that you are well represented. We all find ourselves in situations where we desperately need an attorney at some point in our lives. You may, however, find yourself doubting whether your lawyer is as good as you perceived them to be in the first place. Here are five signs that you should ditch your criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorney

1. Making Lots of Promises

When it comes to the law, we deal with facts and not promises. A good criminal defense lawyer will not fill your head with promises, but will rather lay out all the facts for you. They should be able to clearly explain your current situation and what defense they will be using for your case. Whenever something is too good to be true, you should think twice and consider hiring another lawyer.

2. Lack of Communication

Your life may very well depend on the particular case at hand and you need to be kept in the loop at all times. Your lawyer should be in constant communication with you to ensure you know all the latest developments in your case. Also, constant communication is key to ensuring you build a solid defense and work on your general presentation.

Even though you could constantly communicate through emails and phone calls, personal meetings are more preferred. You should, therefore, hire an attorney within your local area. If you’re from Chicago, then you should hire a criminal defense attorney in Chicago.

3. Asking You to Plead Guilty Early

Before you decide to plead guilty, you should have exhausted all your other possible options fully. A lawyer that wants you to accept a plea bargain in the early stages of a case does not care about your welfare and is not competent enough to handle your case. A good criminal defense attorney should be willing and able to fight hard for you before giving up.

4. The Lawyer’s License Has Been Revoked or Suspended in the Past

A lawyer’s license can either be revoked or suspended because of violating state bar ethics or being dishonest. You don’t want someone with that kind of bad history defending you because it may not end up well. This is why it’s essential that you research your attorney’s disciplinary record before you pick one.

5. Bad Reviews

If your particular lawyer has several bad reviews, then you should consider ditching him/her. Your experience will not be different from that of other clients and you may find yourself regretting your choice later on. A capable lawyer will always have positive reviews and several referrals.

Do not compromise when it comes to your freedom. If you notice any of the signs that your criminal defense lawyer might just be not qualified enough to handle your case, ditch them immediately. There are tons of great criminal defense attorneys that will be more than happy to take your case and do everything it takes to win.