What are the benefits of a hatchback over a sedan?

Hatchback or sedan – it’s the age-old question. Which one is going to suit your needs the best? Which one is the most beneficial in the long run? 

If you’ve been struck down by analysis paralysis, we’ve got some insight for you. As team hatchback, we’re going to break down all of the benefits of owning a hatchback over a sedan, so you can make an informed choice and, what’s more, the best choice. 

[H2] What is a sedan?

The sedan got its name from the sedan throne or chair, which also has a roof and poles attached and was used to carry royals back in the day. A sedan is described as having a roof that forms a slope up to its storage space or boot, and is often longer than other body styles. It’s generally considered to have four ‘compartments’ – the bonnet with the engine, the main cabin, and the boot. 

[H2] What is a Hatchback?

Hatchbacks are generally smaller than sedans. Shorter and zippier, hatchbacks have much more cargo space and also offer rear passengers a bit more headspace. The main difference with a hatchback is that the cargo space is not a separate compartment, so the roof doesn’t slope down to the boot. 

While hatchbacks are smaller compared to some sedans, there are ways to maximise their storage or compartment capacity. This is another admirable feature of hatchbacks; the passenger seat can be folded for a wider space. A few examples of Hatchbacks are Mazda 2, Toyota Corolla Hatchback, Honda Fit, and Toyota Prius.

[H2] Comparison Between a Hatchback and Sedan

One of the most obvious differences between a hatchback and a Sedan is that hatchbacks have more compartment space as compared to sedans. Plus, their structure is different from one another too! As mentioned earlier, a sedan has a separate compartment while a hatchback compartment is a “part” of the inside of the car, with a rear door to help you access it. 

[H2] Hatchbacks are easy to drive and park

Considering that hatchbacks are generally smaller in size than sedans, driving it won’t be a problem especially when you’re someone who isn’t tall, or if you’re still hesitant to drive a larger vehicle. Height aside, hatchbacks have a shorter body which makes driving and parking an absolute breeze. 

[H2] Hatchbacks are fun to drive

Hatchbacks are fun to drive because they are very beginner-friendly. With their customisable exterior and interior, you can have all the fun you can with your vehicle! Because of their small size, they’re super zippy, making them pretty fun when driving from A to B. 

[H2] Hatchbacks have more cargo space

While sedans have a limited amount of space for storage, hatchbacks have the capacity to expand their storage space depending on how you utilise them. Earlier in the article, it was mentioned that one way to maximise the compartment is by moving the rear seats downward to fold. You can fit all kinds of things in when the seats are down.

Plus, the fact the boot is not a separate compartment means there is a lot more height to the cargo area, too, opening up a wealth of possibilities for what you can fit in your little hatchback. 

[H2] Hatchbacks have more headspace for passengers in the back seat

Compared to sedans, hatchbacks have more allowance for passengers when it comes to headspace. This means that if you’re tall, you’re less likely to hit your head. This is due to the body shaped; while sedans slope downward towards the rear cargo compartment, hatchbacks don’t, meaning your passengers won’t be hitting the head on the roof when you go over that speed bump. 

[H2] Hatchbacks have a better resale value

According to various resources and reports, hatchbacks have a higher possibility and likeliness of retaining their resale value as compared to sedans. Aside from the fact that it is generally a more affordable option in the first place, it also retains its value for longer. This makes a hatchback an excellent choice if you want a very cost-efficient vehicle in the long run.

[H2] Hatchbacks are more affordable

Hatchbacks start at pretty reasonable prices and are generally at a more affordable price point than a sedan or SUV. They are also generally cheaper to insure, which is absolutely music to our ears. 

There are many more things that make a hatchback a better choice than a sedan, but it’s up to you to explore and experience it. A vehicle becomes part of your everyday life once you buy it, so make sure you choose something that will last a long time and can provide for your wants and needs.