What To Do If You Get Omma Application Rejected

Each state in the US has different requirements for growing marijuana. This information is closely related to obtaining a cultivation permit in Oklahoma. This article will answer any questions you may have regarding what to do if you get an omma application rejected.

Take a deep breath. Review the reasons for refusal given by OMMA, fix the problem, and resubmit. It can be as simple as that. Some issues are easier to fix than others, for example, clerical errors, signing lines, or providing missed Cultivation License documents. Others can be more troubling, such as finding a partner committing a crime; suddenly now you are looking for a new partner.

Whatever the reason, it is oklahomamedicalmarijuana. attorney’s expertise to successfully navigate the omma application rejected process for clients. They look for red flags from the start that might slow down or completely thwart the process to avoid this scenario at every step of the process. They will collect all the paperwork including the Cultivation License, help structure your business, run your background check, and every other step from creating a Complia account to completing and submitting the application.

So, whether you are just starting the application process or have received your disclaimer notice, oklahomamedicalmarijuana.attorney can help simplify and understand the Cultivation License Creation process to ensure you receive a smooth start to your cannabis cultivation, pharmacy, or processing business For Health.

What is a Cultivation License?

A cultivator, i.e. somebody who will develop and harvest cannabis, is necessary to receive a cultivation permit in the state in which they reside and will harvest cannabis. A cultivation license implies that you simply have been offered permission by the state to grow marijuana. Moreover, you might be legally expected to comply with all laws, codes, and regulations relating to growing marijuana.

Oklahoma Cultivation License

In Oklahoma, you have the right to obtain a license to grow medical marijuana for sale to licensed processors or licensed dispensaries only. A medical marijuana grower license allows you to grow marijuana for medical purposes with many requirements, regulations, and restrictions on doing so.


•         Must be 25 years and over

•         Must be an Oklahoma resident

•         Oklahoma residents must own at least 75% of the cannabis business entity

•         Must Provide a background check; background check must be clean without crime within 5 years (non-violent crime only two years)

•         Must provide a Valid Declaration of Attendance form to prove US Citizenship. (This affidavit only demands to become supplied for the initial application. Extension on the application doesn’t demand the affidavit to be integrated every time.)

Once approved, applications for medical marijuana licenses are granted for one year and must be renewed annually to remain compliant with Oklahoma law. You will receive an approval letter by post, which will include your identity card within 14 working days from the date of submission of the application.

Keeping Cultivation License

The Oklahoma cultivation license is only valid for one year. For current Oklahoma cultivation, you must apply for an extension before this license expires; however, you cannot apply for an addition more than 60 days from the expiration date. After the cultivation permit expires within 60 days, applying for a license will want you to do.

Also, never be concerned about submitting your renewal application in time for you to receive it ahead of your present license expiration. As long as you apply for an extension of your current license expiration, your current license will be in effect until receiving approval for the renewal.

The time limit for OMMA to approve a cultivation permit is approximately 90 days. If your application is rejected due to insufficient or insufficient information, you will have 30 days to submit the required information, or the additional application will expire.

Wrapping Up

To obtain a cultivation permit in Oklahoma, you must be an Oklahoma resident, have at least 75% of who will apply for a cultivation permit, and be 25+ years of age. A background check should be submitted and it should be clear. This does not include crimes in the past 5 years except for non-violent crimes. A non-violent crime can be less than 2 years old to give consent. Once the minimum requirements are met, you need to ensure that you find a licensed manufacturer, dispensary, or researcher to sell your cultivated cannabis.